Friday, September 11, 2009

Dropping the mask

The Sensible Sentencing Trust has finally dropped the mask, and is now openly advocating the death penalty:

Is it time we had a debate on what is an appropriate sentence for the likes of Baker and other murderers, current law means they will come up for parole and possibly released.

I am sure most New Zealanders would like to ensure that these Evil killers never walked the streets again. There is only two ways to ensure that, either introduce the death penalty or a TRUE LIFE sentence so they are never released.

So, they plan to show that killing people is wrong, by... killing people! Yeah, that'll get their point across.

The death penalty is fundamentally immoral. It serves no deterrent purpose, but is merely a sadistic act of revenge. It has no place whatsoever in any civilised society. As for the "Sensible" Sentencing Trust, they have once again shown that they are nothing but vicious, vengeful hypocrites, who think that killing is bad when it happens to them, but fine if they get to do it to others.

(BTW, if anyone wants to write a guest post for the upcoming World Day Against the Death Penalty, please get in touch).