Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Garner on English

Three News' Duncan Garner tells it like it is when he says that English shouldn't get a cent:

Bill English should cut the pretence. He doesn't live in Dipton and hasn't for more than a decade.

He and his family made a choice to be together in Wellington in the 90s. They made the decision for family and personal reasons. The English's wanted to be together - and they knew their Dad's work was going to have him in Wellington for years to come. They wanted to be a family. It's old fashioned and honourable. Good on you.

They have a house in the capital, the kids go to the school there, two of them are enrolled to vote in Wellington Central and his wife is a G.P. in the city.


Because you don't live in Dipton. You live here. And Labour won't stop the attacks until you make another mea culpa.

English should not just admit that - he should repay the money he has rorted from the taxpayer. Otherwise he can face regular cries of "pay the money back' - remember those? - every day in Question Time.