Monday, October 12, 2009

Climate change: A day of action

The international day of action is happening in just under two weeks. If you care about the global climate and want to pressure our government into taking real action on it rather than sitting there with their thumb up their arse, then why not join in?

According to 350 Aotearoa, there are now 75 actions registered in New Zealand:

(If you live somewhere smaller, check the full list; there's stuff happening in smaller centres like New Plymouth and Oamaru as well)

And if none of these events take your fancy, you can always start one of your own. Just remember: do it somewhere visible, invite your local MP, mayor or city councillors, and of course the media. The aim is to bring it to the attention of government, not go off by yourself into the forest where they will not know or care.

If we want politicians to act, then we need to make it clear to them that their political futures depend on it. And that means making our presence felt.