Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Equality comes to Washington

While the US Federal Government refuses to act on marriage equality, the Council of the District of Columbia, which governs Washington DC with most of the legislative powers of a state, has taken up the cause. A bill allowing same-sex marriage will be introduced this morning, and as it has 10 co-sponsors (out of 13 councillors), it is expected to pass easily. Legislation passed by the Council is subject to a Congressional veto, but that looks unlikely - meaning that same-sex marriages will be happening in the shadow of the Capitol by early next year.

Meanwhile, Maine's same-sex marriage law, passed by the state legislature earlier this year, has been subjected to a "people's veto" and is up for a referendum on November 3. Hopefully it won't be overturned. But there's a lot of money being thrown around, and the bigots are pulling out all the stops...