Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arrest Blair!

Tony Blair is a war criminal, guilty of "the supreme international crime", waging a war of aggression. Unfortunately, the UK government has no interest in bringing him to justice. The present government backed the war, and many of them could end up beside Blair in the dock should he ever face trial. As for the opposition, they voted for the war, and so can hardly oppose it now. The result is that a war criminal gets to walk free due to the protection of the powerful.

Enter the Arrest Blair campaign. They're offering a bounty to anyone who attempts a peaceful citizens arrest of Tony Blair for crimes against peace. The attempt doesn't have to be successful, but it does have to be reported in the media. The aim is to embarrass the government into enforcing the law; making the rat live in fear of justice for the rest of his life (as Pinochet did) is just a bonus.

George Monbiot has more on the campaign here.