Monday, January 04, 2010

Better work stories

Detective charged over late-night row:

A police officer will appear in court on a disorder charge after allegedly verbally abusing a woman and her young son while on a night out drinking with a colleague.


One of the men is alleged to have approached a woman in a parked car and demanded her name and address.

When she refused, he allegedly told her he was a police officer and pressed his badge against the windscreen.

The woman - whose 11-year-son was in the back of the car - again refused to give the pair her details and told one of the officers that his fly was down.

The Herald understands one of the officers is alleged to have then exposed himself to the woman and her son.

And the police wonder why people don't trust them? It's because they provide a safe haven for officers like this - people with a sense of sexual entitlement, who see women as meat to be hunted in packs, and who see no problem whatsoever with abusing their publicly granted power for private gain. The Rickards culture is still alive and well in our police force.

Its also worth noting that these fools will only be held to account because they picked on someone who wasn't willing to accept their abuse, and then refused to go quietly and let their mates smooth things over. Which makes you wonder how many other police get away with this sort of abuse...