Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Coalition talks are continuing in the UK. The biggest barrier to a Conservative-LibDem deal is the former's refusal to countenance any type of electoral reform (apparently retaining an unfair voting system which disenfranchises a third of the electorate is an article of faith for many Tories), and their wacky attitude to Europe. The biggest barrier to a Labour-LibDem deal (assuming a deal with the Tories falls through) is the stupidity and arrogance of the Labour Party.

Any progressive alliance would require not just the support of the LibDems, but also of various nationalist parties. This morning, the SNP's Alex Salmond offered that support. Labour's response? Refuse it:

Labour dismissed the SNP's progressive alliance suggestion as a desperate attempt by Mr Salmond to make himself look relevant.
Are they trying to end up in opposition?