Friday, September 16, 2011

Labour betrays us on climate change as well

When National gutted the ETS, Labour was very clear: they opposed it. In particular, they opposed the massive expansion of subsidies to polluters. They reiterated that opposition in May this year, when they talked about using the money saved from those subsidies - not just agriculture - to fund social policies. So you'd think their position on it was clear, right?

Clear as mud. Today, in responding to National's plans to further gut the ETS, Associate Finance spokesperson David Parker said:

“Although Labour believes National’s approach to industrial emissions is imperfect, we are willing to go along with it due to the desirability of settling across both main parties.
So, for the sake of "unity", of not scaring polluters with the threat of tougher policy in the future, they now support pollution subsidies.

I guess that's another thing Labour can't be trusted over. You can't trust them with your human rights, and you can't trust them with the climate. In fact, about the only thing you can trust them to do is display pig headed arrogance when they fuck up.