Friday, September 16, 2011

The left wins in Denmark

Denmark went to the polls yesterday in national elections, and from the preliminary results the Social Democrat-led "red bloc" has won a narrow majority, giving the country its first female Prime Minister and ushering in the first left-wing government in a decade.

The "red bloc" (Social Democrats, Social Liberals, Socialists and Red-Greens) ran on a platform of anti-austerity: increases in both taxes and spending. Its a significant difference from the slash and burn policies prevailing in the rest of Europe; hopefully it will lead to better results. They've also promised to roll back racist anti-immigration policies, imposed by the racist, Muslim-bashing, Breivikist Danish People's Party, which has had a lock on government policy for the past decade. The racists and now sidelined, and while the rollback will be gradual, the door to change is now at least open.