Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The eviction of Occupy Wall Street

So, it finally happened: New York's billionaire banker mayor sent in his goons to shut down Occupy wall Street, the protest against the power of billionaire bankers. But rather than do it in broad daylight, when the world could see, he did it in the dead of night, and made sure to arrest the media in the process. That almost looks like shame...

Rather than responding with violence, the protestors responded with law, and got a restraining order against their eviction. Its currently being argued over in court, and a ruling is due soon. Which means we'll see whether the US's vaunted First Amendment actually means anything, or whether free speech has a time limit. And we'll get to see whether the billionaires and their thugs obey the law, or end their charade and ignore it. Either way, I don't expect the protestors to shut up and go away.

Update: The NY State Supreme Court has ruled that the eviction is legal and that the protestors cannot continue to camp at Zuccotti Park. I guess they'll be finding another park then.