Monday, November 14, 2011

John Banks: Racist

It looks like Don Brash isn't the only racist in the new ACT Party. ACT's Epsom candidate (and last hope) John Banks was asked about law and order on The Nation this Saturday morning back in June. His response?

If we continue the bankrupt response of just paying young Polynesian, young Maori men in South Auckland, the dole to sit in front of TV, smoke marijuana, watch pornography and plan more drug offending and more burglaries, then we're going to have them coming through our window
Don't believe me? Here's the video:

And John Key has endorsed this man. Someone should really ask him what he thinks of Banks' views, and whether he'll be happy to sit around a Cabinet table with such a racist. The answer should be illuminating.

Correction: Right, so its an old clip, from back in June, which just happened to do the rounds over the weekend. But the point stands: Banks is a racist, and not the sort of person decent people would have a cup of tea with, let alone endorse. Endorsing him is endorsing these views and the racist mindset behind them.