Monday, January 09, 2012

Len Brown shows his true colours

So, Auckland Mayor Len Brown has intervened in the Port of Auckland’s dispute, appealing to the workers' patriotism as "loyal Aucklanders" and demanding that they accept casualisation "to make the port more productive and profitable for the council".

Right. So, in Len Brown's world, port workers are expected to sacrifice their livelihoods and job security so that Aucklanders - which in practice means rich pricks in Epsom - can enjoy lower rates. Fuck that shit. If the price of being a "loyal Aucklander" is accepting the sort of employment casualisation prelevant in the fast food industry, then his Auckland isn't worth any sort of loyalty. Len Brown wouldn't work under those conditions, and he shouldn't expect anyone else to.

And as for Brown, its nice to know where he really stands on workers' rights. All those people on the left who worked tirelessly to get him elected in 2010 should be reconsidering whether they'll give the same assistance next year. With attitudes like these, Brown isn't worth your vote, and he's certainly not worth your time. Time to find someone else to support.