Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shorter National MP

"Children must starve to teach parents responsibility". Yes, really:

Northland National MP Mike Sabin, who chaired the meeting, warned that if schools provided lunches then mothers and fathers would never have to do it.

"But they are not doing that anyway," Mr Reid responded. "You can walk around every pub in Kaitaia and mums and dads are investing in the poker machines."

Mr Sabin retorted: "We have to investigate that, otherwise we'll have 50,000 more parents who are not feeding their children."

What a wanker. But oh so typical of the National Party's mindset that poverty is an individual failing rather than a structural problem in our society. And their "solution" - cut school lunches and make kids starve - effectively sacrifices children's life-chances to that cruel ideology.

But hey, they're just poor kids - no-one National cares about.