Friday, April 05, 2013

The Prime Minister's memory hole

Writing in the Herald, Toby Manhire points out just how much we're expected to believe the Prime Minister has "forgotten":

Where he stood on the 1981 rugby tour. A meeting about convention centre plans with SkyCity. How he voted on the drinking age. That picture the spies showed him with Kim Dotcom's face on it. And to the archive of prime ministerial brain fades another can now be added: that phone call to childhood friend Ian Fletcher, advising of the vacancy for New Zealand's top spook.

(Missing from the list: TranzRail shares and where his assets are invested...)

I think its time we stopped pretending: when the Prime Minister says "I cannot remember", what he really means is "I don't want to tell you". And when he says "I forgot", what he actually means is "I lied".