Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Labour's latest epic fail

A sign of how far Labour has sunk under David Shearer: issuing a press release "paying its respects to the family, friends and colleagues" of Margaret Thatcher and remembering her "service to the people of Britain".

This remember was a woman who crushed the left in the UK and turned its Labour Party into a Blairite clone of herself. Who hung around with Pinochet (something being noted in Chile) and fully supported his crimes. Her family are an arms dealing coup-monger and a racist, her colleagues tories. Her "service to the people of Britain" was exclusively to the 1%, at the direct expense of the people "labour" parties are supposed to represent (who are, I should note, celebrating with spontaneous street parties).

This is not the sort of person any "labour" party should pay its respects to. And it speaks volumes that Shearer thinks that she is.