Tuesday, August 06, 2013

ACT On Campus and the spy bill

So, ACT On Campus - the only part of ACT still with any life in it - has come out against the GCSB bill. Good. I was wondering if anyone in ACT still even pretended to believe in that "freedom" thing they used to be so big on. But while its good to see them add their voices to those defending our rights, they're in a unique position to do something about it as well. In the marriage equality drinking age debate, ACT On Campus basically held an electoral gun to their party leader's head, threatening that if he didn't vote for freedom, they would dump him at the next election. They should be doing the same here. Given the narrowness of the vote, they could actually make a difference, and defend the principles they purport to espouse.

Correction: It was the drinking age, not marriage equality, where ACT On Campus threatened the party leadership.