Friday, August 09, 2013

More scaremongering from Key

John Key's latest scaremongering over his spy bill:

Prime minister John Key has attacked the Law Society over its opposition to controversial new spying laws.

The body that represents the nation's lawyers says there are fundamental flaws in the proposed Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) bill, but Key appeared to question the society's impartiality in a radio talkshow this morning.

He said "the person that ran the case . . . one of the people involved" was "Zaoui's lawyer", a reference to Auckland barrister Rodney Harrison QC, who was lead counsel for Algerian refugee politician Ahmed Zaoui in 2002.


Key then added: "There's lots of different agendas out there - I'm not going to second guess them."

So, if you care about the law and preventing gross abuses of power, you're on the side of the terrorists. If this is the way our Prime Minister and spies think, then I suggest they're a far bigger threat to our democracy than any "terrorists".