Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No justice in Egypt

This is an absolute travesty of justice:

Fears for Egypt's democracy deepened on Monday when a judge sentenced 683 men to death in the country's latest mass trial, while another banned a youth movement that helped inspire Egypt's 2011 revolution.

The 683 men – including the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed Badie – were condemned to death in the southern city of Minya on charges of killing a policeman last August.


Mohamed Elmessiry, an Amnesty International researcher who attended the hearings, said: "In each trial, the defence were not able to present their case, the witnesses were not heard, and many of the accused were not brought to the courtroom. This lacks any basic guarantees of a fair trial – not only under international law, but also Egyptian national law.

In other words, it was a show trial. Meanwhile, the same judge has been acquitting police who murder protesters. The message is clear: there is no justice in Egypt, simply punishment for the regime's political enemies.