Monday, April 28, 2014

Now that's a reason to vote for Scotland

Need a reason to vote for Scottish independence? How about getting rid of David Cameron?

Downing Street last night refused to comment on mounting speculation that David Cameron would be forced to resign if Scotland votes for independence in September.

While remaining behind in the polls, the Yes campaign has narrowed the gap over recent weeks to four points, and there are fears inside Whitehall that Scottish voters will back independence, triggering a constitutional crisis.


Writing in The Times, the respected political commentator Matthew Parris said that under a Yes vote on 18 September: "I cannot see a picture in which the Prime Minister who conjured that referendum out of nowhere simply carries on."

If Cameron resigns, he'll no doubt be replaced by another Eton- and Oxbridge-educated Tory tosspot. But still, the chance to roll him (and be free of his ilk forevermore) seems to be a pretty good incentive.