Monday, July 14, 2014

More contempt from the British establishment

Last week the British government claimed that files which would expose the use of Diego Garcia as a US torture facility had been "lost" due to "water damage". But it turns out that they lied:

Crucial logs revealing flights to a British overseas territory when it was allegedly used as a secret US prison are in the possession of the police, the Observer has learned.

The revelation has raised concerns about why, despite repeated demands, details of the flights have not been shared with lawyers and MPs, who for years have been investigating the role played by Diego Garcia, an atoll in the Indian ocean, in the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme.

A Whitehall official was photographed last week carrying documents marked "sensitive" confirming that the logs recording details of planes landing and taking off at the atoll have been handed to detectives. The documents, a series of printed emails and handwritten notes made by the official, reveal internal Foreign Office discussions about the line to take in response to questions about the British territory raised by lawyers and MPs.

This can only be interpreted as a deliberate attempt at a cover-up - and one which has extended to an outright lie to a parliamentary select committee.

Its just another reminder of the utter contempt the British establishment has for the public, for the law, and for democratic institutions and control - and of why the UK needs to rid itself of them.