Tuesday, July 01, 2014

"Talking about the things that matter"

There's been appalling news today about the housing crisis, with the $34.53 increase in the annual average (not median) massively outstripped by a $38,000 increase in the average house price. So naturally Labour is talking about resurrecting the Moa:

Trevor Mallard continues to push his idea that moa may one day roam in Wainuiomata, despite his leader saying the "moa is not a goer".

Labour's Hutt South MP presented the idea to 30 or so businesspeople at a development breakfast in the Lower Hutt suburb Wainuiomata.

While admitting it sounded "a bit Jurassic Park", Mallard said scientists had been making progress on techniques for using recovered DNA from extinct animals to reconstruct new life. Moa could return to the bush of Rimutaka Forest Park, he said.

If this is their idea of "talking about the things that matter", then its no wonder they're losing.

(I've got nothing against Moa, and I think de-extinction would be an interesting scientific project. But FFS. If you don't want the media to stop focusing on this sort of thing, you should stop offering it to them on a silver platter).