Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Something to be proud of

NZ has ranked 5th in the world on the Social Progress Index. Last year we were first, but apparently there has been a significant change in methodology which makes the two results incommensurable. But its not all good news:

New Zealand did particularly well in the "person rights" category, ranking number one for freedom of expression and political rights.

It also ranked third on "access to basic knowledge" and performed well on access to communications, tolerance and inclusion and freedom of religion.

However the country did less well on access to nutrition and basic medical care, partly because of our high child mortality rate.

Environmental sustainability was also something to work on, with poor water management a particular concern.

Children's rights and the environment are our Achilles' heels - and the very issues the government is ignoring. But think of how much better we'd do if every child in New Zealand was well-fed, and every river was clean. sadly, we're not going to get either under this government.