Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why are we paying Louise Upston?

Louise Upston is the Minister for Women. As a Minister, we pay her $268,300 a year, plus slush fund - at least $120,000 more than she would get as a backbench MP. Astonishingly, we're paying her this money to not advocate for women:

But while Women's Minister Louise Upston released a statement repeating Key's apology, she refused to comment on issues of women's rights in the workplace.

"As the Prime Minister has said his actions were intended to be light-hearted. It was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable," she said.

"He said that in hindsight it wasn't appropriate, and that is why he apologised."

Which invites the question: if the Minister for Women isn't going to advocate for women, why are we paying her?

If Louise Upston doesn't want to do her job, she should resign and make way for someone who will. It is that simple.