Monday, May 04, 2015

Change the flag

The bill for a pair of referenda on changing the New Zealand flag hasn't even passed the House yet, but the change the flag campaign has already started:

Change the NZ Flag has launched its campaign to encourage New Zealanders to get involved in helping the country choose a new flag, that is for New Zealand and from New Zealand.

"Change the NZ Flag is an independent, non-political, design-neutral society that is committed to building support for, and involvement with, the flag change process," says Change the NZ Flag spokesperson Lewis Holden.

"New Zealand has the unique opportunity to pick a flag that represents the modern, proud and independent nation that we are today, and it’s important that Kiwis take this once in a lifetime chance to have a debate on how we represent our national identity to ourselves, and the world."

I support them - we should have a flag of, by, and for New Zealand - not a foreign imperial relic. One that represents who we are, rather than who we were. And that's a decision we should all be able to have a say in.