Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More dirty politics

One of the "stars" of Dirty Politics was Jason Ede, John Key's "black ops" man. While Ede has officially quit, it looks like Key found a replacement. And he's up to the same dirty tricks and online bullying as his predecessor:

Following a short exchange about a tweet sent out by the National Party about animal testing, Compton, whose Twitter account does not show he is linked to Key's office, implied he knew who was behind the @johnkeymustgo account.

"You think you're so clever. But you're not that good at hiding your online fingerprints. Have a nice day:)".


Later the @johnkeymustgo account revealed that Compton was behind the www.changetheflag.nz website. In doing so, some personal details of Compton were also revealed.

Compton has now made his Twitter account private, and forced hundreds of followers from his list.

A spokesman for the National Party leader's office confirmed Compton was a senior adviser on social media, whose role involved "assisting the National Party and its MPs, including the leader, with their Facebook and Twitter accounts".

Threatening the Prime Minister's critics, running "grassroots" campaigns right out of the PM's office - looks like National is still in the business of dirty politics.