Friday, June 05, 2015

Australia's gulag-insdustrial complex spied on a Senator

Australia's policy of rendering refugees to Pacific gulags to be tortured and brutalised in the hope of convincing them to return to states which will torture and brutalise them is a 10 billion dollar industry. Naturally, the participants in that industry - the private prison providers who provide the offshore gulags, the private security contractors who staff them - want to protect that income stream. So its not entirely surprising that they spied on an Australia Senator during her investigative trip to Nauru:

Private security guards at the Australian-run detention camp on Nauru allegedly took the extraordinary step of running a secret surveillance operation on an Australian senator.

A former guard has alleged Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young was given the codename "Raven" and covertly followed and her hotel watched when visiting the asylum-seeker detention centre on the Pacific island nation.

Wilson Security – the company contracted to guard the detainees – has rejected the claim a team was organised to spy on Senator Hanson-Young during the December 2013 visit but admits "individuals" have been disciplined for "acting beyond their brief".

The security company has said the primary motivation was security for the senator but the activity was "not authorised".

An outraged Senator Hanson-Young has sought legal advice and intends to refer the allegations to Parliament's powerful privileges committee.

Naturally, Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott is fine with this spying on his political opponent, saying that she was being "looked after". From what? There aren't any security threats on Nauru. Instead its very clear that the spying was done to identify who she talked to, so they could be intimidated or sacked.

Australia's gulag policy has already effectively destroyed Nauru's democracy. Now it seems to be threatening Australia's as well. Or are Australians so racist that they're happy to live in a surveillance dictatorship in order to keep brown people out?