Monday, December 14, 2015


So, John Key's vanity flag referendum has had the expected result, with National Fern pipping Labour Fern for first place in the preliminary count. Meh. It was always an uninspiring choice, and the addition of Red Peak - a flag which emerged from the grassroots and showed us what the process could have been like - at the last minute didn't change that. So now we have an uninspiring design stolen from a weetbix packet versus a colonial relic. And to be honest, I hate either option. So I gues snow its a question of what I hate more: Britain, or John Key?

I want the flag to change, but not like this, and not to John Key's stupid fern. So I'm with Simon Pound: vote for the current flag, then have another go at it in five years - and next time, do it properly.