Thursday, December 03, 2015

The UK votes for bombing

The UK Parliament has formally voted to bomb Syria:

Britain will join the coalition of nations conducting airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria after MPs in the House of Commons voted to authorise the UK’s participation.

MPs voted 397 to 223 in favour of sending RAF Tornados into the skies over Syria, after an all-day debate in parliament. An estimated 67 Labour MPs backed the government, in defiance of the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Its a mistake, which will only make things worse, while inviting retaliation on the UK. But the UK establishment has made its bed - and now their people get to lie in it (and, in the event of an attack, be left to die by the people who are supposed to protect them. Its the Establishment in a nutshell, isn't it?)

As for UK Labour, their membership now has a clear target list. And hopefully the warmongers can be de-selected before they endanger anyone else.