Friday, February 26, 2016

ACT's "proud green history"

This morning's joke: ACT is trying to talk up its environmental credentials:

Act wants the green vote - arguing its ideology is the best bet to save the environment and the party's proud green history has been ignored.

Leader David Seymour, who as a child was a member of the Kiwi Conservation Club and successfully campaigned for aluminium recycling at Whangarei's Maunu Primary, said it irked him that Act's environmental credentials weren't better recognised.

"We just maybe haven't done enough jumping up and down like the Greens. We have had the sausage and they have had the sizzle."

Right. This would be ACT, the party that advocated farming kiwi. ACT, the party which wants to repeal the RMA and leave the environment defenceless. ACT, the party which supported digging up our national parks. ACT, the party which was identified as the biggest barrier to reducing carbon emissions and whose climate change policy was (until late last year) that it wasn't happening and that they shouldn't do anything about it even if it was. If this is a "proud green history", I'd hate to see one they're ashamed of.

ACT is not interested in saving the environment. Rather, at every opportunity they have argued for its unmitigated destruction for the private profit of the few. If there was a party for orcs, it would be ACT.