Tuesday, February 02, 2016


That's the only way to describe John Key's plans to change the flag, according to current polling:

With just a month until the second and final flag vote begins, a new poll shows the chances of Kiwis choosing Union Jack-free national colours are almost non-existent.

A Newshub/Reid Research poll of 500 people, taken over the summer break, found only 30 per cent of those questioned wanted to change to Kyle Lockwood's Silver Fern design. Another 9 per cent didn't know or care, while 61 per cent wanted to keep the existing flag.

That burning smell is John Key's self-declared "legacy" going up in smoke.

But while the polls are against Key, that's not an excuse for not voting - if those who want change vote, while those who oppose it stay home, then we'll end up with a new flag, whether its the one we want or not. So remember to vote in March.