Monday, June 20, 2016

Another 18 months in Iraq

When John Key approved another deployment of kiwi troops to Iraq, he was very clear: it was only for two years. But he lied: he's just extended that for another 18 months.

The "justification" is this is that ISIS is somehow a threat to New Zealand. Bullshit. Its a threat to Iraqis and Syrians, not us. This isn't our war and we should not be involved. Being involved makes us a target, not safer.

The cost of this deployment is estimated by the government at $50 million. Pretty obviously, that's money they're not spending on housing and paid parental leave (or on health, education or public transport). So, Key is willing to throw money to the wind and endanger kiwi lives solely to toady up to the US.

Again, if any kiwi soldiers die on this deployment, the blood is squarely on John Key's hands. And we should hold him responsible in that eventuality.