Monday, June 13, 2016

More wind

The GFC and uncertainty over the future of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter seemed to have stalled energy projects in New Zealand. But it looks like Trustpower is starting up its project train again, and is seeking consent for a new 130 MW wind farm in South Taranaki:

Trustpower's proposed Waverley Wind Farm will inject $40 million into the Taranaki economy while being built, and $3.3 million a year after that, says New Zealand Institute of Economic Research senior economist Peter Clough.

His analysis forms part of Trustpower's application to build the 48-turbine wind farm on 980ha of coastal land between Waverley and Patea.

Trustpower applied to South Taranaki District Council for consent to build, operate and maintain the wind farm last month. The consent has been publicly notified and the deadline for submissions is June 16.

Its unclear when it will be built, and all the electricity companies are sitting on large portfolios of wind farm consents. The trick is going to be making sure that we build those, rather than polluting gas, when the market finally sorts itself out.