Friday, July 15, 2016

Climate change: Britain goes denialist

Earlier in the week, the British government was warned that climate change would have a severe effect on their country, leading to floods, heatwaves, and water and food shortages. New Prime Minister Theresa may's response? Abolish the government department dealing with it:

The decision to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change has been variously condemned as “plain stupid”, “deeply worrying” and “terrible” by politicians, campaigners and experts.

One of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to move responsibility for climate change to a new Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.


The news came after the appointment of Andrea Leadsom – who revealed her first question to officials when she became Energy Minister last year was “Is climate change real? – was appointed as the new Environment Secretary.

So, an outright denier appointed as environment secretary, and climate change policy dumped in the basement of the department for business and pollution. Having dumped Cameron, the Tories are returning to form.