Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The cost of the housing bubble

The cost of Auckland's housing bubble? Teachers can no longer afford to live there:

A primary school teacher says he has been driven out of Auckland by the high cost of housing, and the city's principals are worried he's not alone.

Joe Carey has been teaching at Kohia Terrace School in Epsom for the last 18 months but is set to start teaching at Highlands Intermediate School in New Plymouth next week when Term 3 begins.

He and his fiancee Vanessa wanted to start a family but could not afford to continue living in Auckland, he said.

"You get paid the same if you work in Auckland as you get paid anywhere else, but the cost of housing [elsewhere] is a lot cheaper."

And they're not alone. Schools in Auckland are increasingly having trouble filling positions because people just can't afford to live there.

And it won't just be teachers - it will also be affecting nurses, caregivers, retail workers, pretty much everyone the entitled landed Boomers rely on to lead their lives. So either they'll need to start paying a lot more for everything, or see vital services become unavailable.