Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Australia committed war crimes in Afghanistan

The ABC has a major leak showing Australian special forces repeatedly committed war crimes in Afghanistan:

Hundreds of pages of secret defence force documents leaked to the ABC give an unprecedented insight into the clandestine operations of Australia’s elite special forces in Afghanistan, including incidents of troops killing unarmed men and children.

The ABC can reveal that some of the cases detailed in the documents are being investigated as possible unlawful killings.

This comes a day after the ABC revealed the alleged cover up of the killing of an Afghan boy and another alleged incident in which a father and son were shot dead during a raid.

The documents, many marked AUSTEO — Australian Eyes Only — suggest a growing unease at the highest levels of Defence about the culture of Australia’s special forces as they prosecuted a bloody, secretive war against insurgents across a swathe of southern Afghanistan.

One document from 2014 refers to ingrained “problems” within special forces, an “organisational culture” including a “warrior culture” and a willingness by officers to turn a blind eye to poor behaviour.

Hands severed as "trophies". Murdered prisoners. Dead civilians. These are the signs of a military out of control. And they need to be reined in, and hard, with prosecutions and sackings. And if they're not, I guess then the Defence Minister gets to join their soldiers in The Hague...