Thursday, July 06, 2017

National's priorities

Government puts up starter $5 million to America's Cup defence, Stuff, 3 July 2017:

The Government has put an early $5 million envelope on the table so Team New Zealand can retain its talent.

The early funding boost is similar to what the Government provided in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous 2013 America's Cup Challenge, to give TNZ breathing space while it worked to secure funding for its next bid.

It was a "no-strings" commitment, however the Government's resolve to be more involved in a defence, given the likelihood it would be held at least in part, on New Zealand waters appeared to be far stronger than four years ago.

Women's centre funding 'whisked away' by government, Radio New Zealand, 5 July 2017:
Thousands of people may lose support after two women's centres lost government funding, the centres say.

The Auckland Women's Centre, which has provided support services to tens of thousands of women since 1975, has been forced to turn to the community for support after a massive cut to its funding.

It supports about 4000 women including those suffering abuse, eating disorders, health issues and those needing parenting support.

It was receiving $100,000 from government a year but as of this month it will not get anything.

So there's money for sport for millionaires, but no money for basic support for women. Those are National's priorities. Remember them on September 23.