Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Promising what they've vetoed

Last year, National used a cowardly, undemocratic and unconstitutional financial veto to prevent a Parliamentary majority from extending paid parental leave. Now, they're trying to convince voters to vote for them on the basis that they'll extend it themselves:

National will progressively extend Paid Parental Leave to 22 weeks as part of its Parents and Newborns Package designed to support families to grow and stay healthy, while also putting more money into their pockets.

“National will share the dividends of a growing economy, with more support for families with newborns in a new package made possible only by the improving government finances,” Women Spokesperson Paula Bennett says.

Which is a bit rich, considering that they literally took a great steaming dump on our democracy in order to prevent this from passing. I'm pleased that they've changed their minds and all, but this is clearly a policy they're delivering through gritted teeth, because they feel they have to, not because they want to. Which means that it'll be one of the first things they delay or cut in order to provide fat tax cuts for their rich mates.