Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"No rolling back the clock"

Jacinda Ardern gave an interview to Radio New Zealand this morning in which she denounced NeoLiberalism. At the same time, she made it clear that she's not actually going to change it. She won't buy back stolen public assets. She won't raise taxes on the rich or tax wealth with inheritance taxes. She won't change the way the Reserve Bank sets monetary policy (and therefore effectively sets the level of unemployment). She's still committed to the TPPA, with a few cosmetic changes around whether foreigners get to buy houses (as opposed to things like investor-state dispute mechanisms, environmental protection, Pharmac, and American copyright insanity). And she has this position because "there's no rolling back the clock". All the unjust stuff, all the evil committed by Douglas, by Richardson, by Shipley, and by Key and his cronies, all of that will be left unchanged.

And that's the Labour Party in a nutshell: presenting itself as the party of change, but not actually offering anything substantive. Instead, what they offer is the same unjust status quo, with the only real change being which wankers get ministerial salaries. And bluntly, that's no change at all.