Thursday, March 22, 2018


A ballot for six member's bills was held today, and the following bills were drawn:

  • Administration of Justice (Reform of Contempt of Court) Bill (Chris Finlayson)
  • Oaths and Declarations (Members of Parliament) Amendment Bill (Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki)
  • Litter (Increased Infringement Fee) Amendment Bill (Scott Simpson)
  • Fair Trading (Oppressive Contracts) Amendment Bill (Duncan Webb)
  • Electronic Compliance with Reporting Requirements Bill (Adrian Rurawhe)
  • Education (Social Investment Funding and Abolition of Decile System) Amendment Bill (Erica Stanford)
Of these, Stanford's bill is likely to be voted down (being simple vandalism). The rest will likely pass their first readings. Finlayson's bill implements Law Commission recommendations, and should really be a government one; while it needs amendment (it retains the archaic offence of "scandalising the court", basicly a sedition law to protect judges from criticism), I'm hoping it passes.