Monday, March 05, 2018

It just became easier to petition Parliament

On Thursday, Parliament adopted a temporary change to Standing Orders to allow petitions to be submitted electronically rather than on paper. And they've moved very quickly to implement it - the parliamentary e-petition system is now live.

You can start a petition here, but I'd recommend reading the guide first. To start a petition you will need to provide physical contact details, but these aren't published. However, your name and the subject of the petition will be. Once your petition has been started, it will show up for signature on the petitions page, and people can sign it by entering their email address.

Its great that parliament has done this, and it should make petitioning them far more accessible than the old paper-based system. And hopefully they'll follow it up with a system to enable petitions to force a formal government response or a debate in Parliament, as done in the UK.