Friday, April 06, 2018

A victory for the environment

Part of the government's confidence and supply agreement with the Greens was a commitment to wind back government support for irrigation projects. And now they're doing it:

The Government will cut funding to the three major irrigation projects in Canterbury and Marlborough.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced on Thursday afternoon that the Government would stop funding the Hurunui, Hunter Downs and Flaxbourne projects through Crown Irrigation Investments Ltd as part of its Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Green Party.

Funding for the Waimea Community Dam, Kurow-Duntroon Irrigation Scheme and the second phase of Canterbury's Central Plains Water Scheme have been given the green light though.

Good. Irrigation delivers a double-whammy to our rivers, sucking them dry while filling them with shit by encouraging destructive farming practices. Its good to see the government stop subsidising it. If farmers want to irrigate, then they can pay for it themselves, rather than expecting taxpayers to subsidise their destructive activity. And hopefully we'll be seeing a tougher RMA regime in future to make it more difficult for them to profit by destroying our rivers.