Friday, April 06, 2018

Another rich American looking for a lifeboat

Stuff has a piece about a luxury property development in Twizel, whose foreign owner is trying to use it to gain NZ residency:

Crow, son of American real estate developer Fred Trammell Crow, told the Dallas News this week his investment in the New Zealand project would also give him permanent residency.

"And while he doesn't plan to relocate, he plans to gradually spend more time there," the report said.

"I wasn't hunting for a new real estate development in a far-flung country to mess with," Crow told the Dallas News.

"But I have been thinking for a long time where to go if things become difficult in America — not really just for social unrest but because of environmental concerns."

It would be one thing if he was actually planning to live and pay taxes here. But very obviously he's not. Instead, he's just after a lifeboat, a safe haven for when the inequality people like him have created and perpetuated in America comes back to bite them. And we simply should not be providing that service. If rich American arseholes want to be safe from "social unrest", they should go home and stop causing it.