Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NZ must speak out for its values

At the moment, the USA is separating children from their parents and putting them in concentration camps. This is utterly abhorrent to most New Zealanders. So what is our government saying about it? Nothing:

Winston Peters is coming under pressure from the Government's support partner, the Green Party, to speak out about the United States' separating children at its southern border from their non-documented migrant parents.

The Greens want Peters, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, to protest to US ambassador Scott Brown about the treatment of children.

Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis and National leader Simon Bridges yesterday joined an international chorus of opposition to the current practice, saying it was cruel and inhumane.

The closest Peters got to criticism was saying New Zealand would not do what the US did but said he wanted focus on what was happening in New Zealand, while he deputises for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on maternity leave, not other countries.

This silence isn't acceptable. Kiwis expect our government to represent our values, and criticise the powerful where necessary. The fact that even National, who are normally craven little US vassals, recognises this shows how utterly unacceptable America's conduct is. The government needs to speak out about it. Alternatively, we can get a government who will at the next election.