Friday, June 08, 2018

Same as the old boss

When they were in power, National exploited public office for its own profit, selling access to its Ministers at its corrupt "Cabinet Club". Sadly, Labour is no different:

Finance Minister Grant Robertson gave a post-Budget speech at a $600-a-head Labour fundraiser at the exclusive Wellington Club, drawing comparisons to the previous National Government's "Cabinet club" scandal.

According to several attendees, about 40 people, including party supporters, business figures and corporate lobbyists, attended the dinner hosted by Labour president Nigel Haworth on Wednesday, at which Robertson was the key attraction.

A similar dinner is due to be hosted at the even more exclusive Northern Club in Auckland on Thursday night.

National leader Simon Bridges has accused the Government of hypocrisy, after Labour once described National's events, which appear similar to the one attended by Robertson, as "cash-for-access".

Labour is claiming that Robertson was attending solely as an MP. Except that he's listed in the advertising as a Minister, and clearly speaking as one at the event. So, they're selling access, exploiting office for private gain, just like National. No doubt they'll trot out the Politician's Excuse: "it was within the rules". But that doesn't change the fundamental truth here: this is corrupt, and the only reason it is not criminal is because politicians write the laws to suit themselves.