Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Abortion reform has the numbers

The Abortion Legislation Bill will have its first reading tomorrow, and while NZ First is making noises about a referendum, it appears the bill will pass regardless of what they think:

The Government's abortion bill will pass its first hurdle with an overwhelming majority, with or without NZ First's support.

Stuff has spoken with a majority of Parliament's 120 MPs, 67 of whom said they would support or be likely to support the Bill at its first reading on Thursday.

Just seven said they would vote against it, with another four indicating they would be likely to vote against. Another 12 were still deciding, alongside NZ First's nine MPs who are refusing to confirm their position.

Overall they're expecting the bill to pass with at least 73 votes. NZ First's votes are not needed. Which means their last-minute demands for a referendum can be safely ignored.