Thursday, August 13, 2020

More dirty dairying

The Waikato Regional Council is actually enforcing the RMA for once:

Three Waikato farmers have been fined a total of $116,100 for illegally discharging farm effluent.


Gerard Wolvers from South Waikato, who has farmed for nearly 50 years, was convicted on three charges after an unknown amount of effluent ended up in a stream.

The discharges happened over two days in April 2018 and were reported to the council by a member of the public.

An estimated 3-400,000 litres of effluent had been pumped into a paddock where it formed a flow path across farmland.

Wolvers was fined $61,600.

The other two were fined $28,000 and $26,500 respectively. But these sorts of offences are happening with depressing regularity (here's an example prosecuted yesterday), so maybe the fines need to increase, so its not just a cost of doing business?