Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Showing us who they are

What's National's first move under lockdown? Call for elections to be delayed:

National leader Judith Collins is demanding Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern delay the September election after the discovery of Covid-19 community transmission cases in Auckland. A clearly frustrated Collins on Wednesday afternoon said she was directly asking Ardern to shift the election to November, or instead call back MPs to Parliament so they can vote on pushing polling day into 2021.
Obviously, Collins wants all the time she can get to have Brownlee spread conspiracy theories. But its also quite revealing that her instinctive reaction is to try and abrogate our democracy for her own advantage. The National Party is showing us exactly who they are: instinctive authoritarians who think only of themselves, who will happily try and sabotage a critical public health response if they think it helps them (see also: Michelle Boag). People should remember that at the ballot box.