Friday, May 14, 2021

Climate Change: Reannouncements don't reduce emissions

Road transport emissions make up ~18% of our annual total, and if we are to have any hope of reducing them, the government needs to start acting now. But rather than do that, they've reannounced their old policies, dressed up in a new discussion document:

The Transport Ministry has again floated the banning of importing petrol and diesel cars by 2035 so New Zealand does not become a dumping ground for old cars.

Its part of a high-level look at how New Zealands transport system could reduce its emissions to zero by 2050. Transport currently makes up about half of our emissions.

The government said it wants a "national conversation" about the changes needed to reduce transport sector greenhouse gas emissions.

And while they're pissing about having this "national conversation", people will be importing dirty, inefficient utes, and the temperature will be rising. But no hurry, eh?

And while its good to see Labour finally coming round to a fossil-fuel phase-out - an idea they chickened out on when Julie Anne Genter pushed for it in 2018 - they're acting too slow. The world has moved on, and 2018's climate change policy is not enough in 2021. Or, in concrete terms: a 2035 phase-out date does not stop us from becoming a fossil-fuel dumping ground when everyone else is moving to 2030. Instead it pretty-much guarantees it.

Contrary to the government's rhetoric, this isn't leading. It isn't even being a fast-follower. We're foot-draggers. And at this stage, that's as bad as climate denial.