Friday, May 14, 2021

Nurses to Labour: "fuck your pay freeze"

Last week, the government froze public service pay for three years. This week, they tried to pretend it never happened (while leaving the pay guidance document still in force). So what did this desperate grab for a headline to appeal to National voters get them? A nurses strike:

Nurses have voted to strike for an eight-hour period in a month's time over a breakdown in pay offer negotiations.

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation, which has 30,000 members working in district health boards (DHB), says members are angry at the first DHB pay offer last month and overwhelmingly voted to strike.

The union said the offer would have given most members a 1.38 percent wage increase, below inflation.

I think that's a pretty clear message from the nurses, and they're likely to have overwhelming public support on this. Because does anyone outside the Taxpayer's Onion really think the people who saved us are overpaid?