Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A loss for Labour

Louisa Wall has been one of the most effective MPs of recent times. She gave us marriage equality, she gave us safe zones around abortion clinics, she gave us a ban on revenge porn, and she's currently working on protecting journalists sources. And now she's resigning, having been forced out of Parliament by her own party:

Labour MP Louisa Wall has resigned from Parliament, ending a 14-year career marked by the passage of same-sex marriage legalisation but also clashes with her party.

Wall, who has been cast as an outsider in the party, specifically referenced in her resignation an internal stoush at the 2020 election which led her to be ousted from the Manurewa seat, which she has held since 2011.

“It’s been an honour to represent and provide a voice in parliament to those who are so often unheard,” Wall said on Tuesday afternoon.

This is a tremendous loss for Labour, but they won't recognise it. But the rest of us should. And it certainly makes you wonder what is wrong with a party which cannot accept her.